Upload Files Larger Than 2 GB

Having trouble when trying to Upload Files larger than 2 GB?

The largest file you can upload to Virtual Drive depends on what browser you use.  Current limitations are set within the browser itself, not with Virtual Drive.

Client Version Upload limit
Safari Latest 20 GB (HTML 5)
Internet Explorer Latest 4 GB (simple non-HTML5)
FireFox Latest 4 GB (HTML 5)
Chrome Latest 20 GB (HTML 5)
Virtual Drive File Explorer 5.2 250 TB

Uploading Files Larger than 20 GB

If you need to upload where any one single file is > 20 Gigabytes in size, then you will need to use the Virtual Drive File Explorer to do this for you as 20 GB has exceeded all browsers limitations.

Why your Internet connection Upload speed matters

The maximum file size you can upload is actually an estimate based on commercially available Internet connections. If you have a slow Internet connection or if your Internet service provider (ISP) is delivering a poor connection, you will likely be unable to upload multiple GB of data. Conversely, ultra high-speed connections, such as Google Fiber here in the Midwest or FiOS, delivered through a high-quality ISP will allow you to upload a few more MBs of data. A large majority of our users are able to transfer multiple GB of data through widely available broadband Internet connections.

You should avoid uploading large files over a wireless connection, which is slower and less reliable than wired connections. Additionally, poorly designed networks or low-quality ISPs will also have an effect on your ability to upload large files.

If you have a file larger than 2GB or you would like to transfer more than one file at a time or transfer a 200GB file, etc… You want to make sure you’re not wasting your time when you accidentally close your browsers tab or your browser crashes.  Because of this limitation with browsers, you should download the free Virtual Drive File Explorer.  Log into your account from there and transfer as many or as large of files as you want.

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