HIPAA File Transfer Backup SecurityVirtual Drive is able to address the HIPAA technical security requirements in the following ways:

HIPAA Security Requirement – How Virtual Drive Can Help Access Control

HIPAA requires that an access control procedure be put in place, based on the context of a transaction. Virtual Drive enables an enterprise company or an organization to administer and control precisely how the information is access – when, where, by whom and why (context).

Audit Control – HIPAA requires that mechanisms be put in place that record and examine system activity. Virtual Drive is able to track application access which provides administrators with an audit trail they can use to determine who has accessed which application and data sources, in addition to failed attempts.

Data Authentication – ensuring that data has not been altered or destroyed in any unauthorized way. Virtual Drive supports all major encryption algorithms.

Event Reporting – The Virtual Drive solution provides real-time monitoring capabilities that track system use patterns and performance. Virtual Drive is also in the process of anticipating changes to our solution that, as HIPAA enforcement criteria are defined, will ensure that Virtual Drive goes well beyond current technical requirements to help our customers meet complex compliance requirements with minimal impact to their IT infrastructure.

Futureproof – We are always investigating ways that Virtual Drive can help with enhancements in areas like monitoring, auditing, and advanced authorization and authentication so that our customer’s data is not only protected, but they can stay on top of these important new regulations with confidence.

The ever expanding need for Virtual Drive services and remote backup in today’s business environment positions Virtual Drive as the logical solution provider.

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